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Eco Friendly Water Saving Products

Save water and save the life on earth. Developing the technologies and designing of products which can reuse the resources and help conserve water which will save our planet. Prohibit the drip, close the tap. Save water secure the future. Aim to save environment and save the resources with loads of prospects.

Some facts on water:

  • Approx. 0.3% of the water on earth is usable by human beings
  • 40% of the world’s population struggles to meet their fresh water requirements
  • 20% of all water in commercial buildings is used to transport urine
  • By 2025, 63% of the worlds population (5 billion of the world’s 7.9bn people) will be living in areas where potable water is scarce
  • On an average 150000 liters of water/urinal/annum (depending on the usage) is flushed

save water save life