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Bio - Plus
Bio - Plus Features

Seeks out organic wastes, inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, clears drain pipe and eliminates the source of the most offensive odors.


No Water Required:

Spray Bio-Plus Waterless Urinal Cleaners directly onto urinal surfaces. Bio-Tabs and floor area underneath the urinals daily at last once a day and leave to dry or spray Bio-Plus before and after cleaning if brushing is required.


For Refilling:


Dilute 1 part of Bio-Plus Concentrator one 25 ml. sachet to 500 ml. water in a bottle sprayer.



Other Uses:


For cleaning toilet bowl surfaces, floors, (grout, cervices, corners), basins, mirror, walls, window, refuse bins and all fixtures in washrooms including drain pipe maintenance.

Bio-Plus reduces cleaning requirements and does away.


Bio-plus to be sprayed locations