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About us
Eco Friendly Waterfree Urinal

We introduce ourselves as sole and official distributors of Falcon Technologies (USA) manufacturing waterless urinals and are marketing the same all over the world. Today Global warming and related Water crisis are the two burning issues all over the world. Water crisis is deepening and thus becoming a scarce commodity.

Some Facts on Water

Apx. 0.3% of the water on earth is usable by human beings.
40% of the world's population struggles to meet their fresh water requirement,
20% of all water in commercial buildings is used to transport urine
By 2025, 63% of the world's population(5 billion of the world's 7.9 billion people) will be living in areas where potable water is scarce.
On an average 150000 liters of water/urinal/annum (depending on the usage) is flushed down.
Considering these facts, Falcon has developed this technology whereby no water is required in the urinals and yet toilets remain hygiene and odor less.

Above all saving of water.

Globally more than 3 lacks urinals have been installed thus contributing to saving of biliions of liters of water and carbon gases. Some of the important installations in India and international are as follows:

Installation in India:
Airport Authority of India, Delhi- Delhi Metro, Municipal corporation of Delhi, IIT Kanpur, HCCL-Mumbai, The Gateway of India-Mumbai, Hotel Citrus-Lonawala and Mahableshwar, Pune Airport, Mc Donalds-Delhi and Jalandhar, Hotel President (Taj Group)-Mumbai, Pune corporation-Pune, Western Railway-Mumbai Central and Bandra stations (in process), Taj Mahal-Agra etc.

International Installation:
International airports-Heathrow, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Beijing etc., Bank of America (USA), Staple Centre (LA), Nokia Centre (USA), Dolphin stadium (USA), Rose Bowl Stadium (USA) etc.

Besides the above, orders in process:
MCD(2000sets), before on set of common wealth games, Pune Corporation (600 sets), Delhi Metro(100 sets) for all their upcoming stations, Airports (75 sets) for new airports at Ladakh and Bhubaneshwar and many more private and public corporate companies.