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Waterfree Urinal
Falcon Waterfree Urinal! No Flush, No Touch, No Stain, No Odor

We go to the ends of the earth to save water...

Acceptance and interest in waterfree urinal systems have grown as the world's leadership has adopted a greater sense of urgency about finding solutions for a future where fresh water may be less available and certainly more costly. With an estimated 50 million flush urinals installed globally; it is easy to see why a proven waterfree alternative is gaining favor.


“Waterfree urinals would result in a significant improvement in public restroom hygiene."


Flush type urinals are far more likely to be colonized by bacteria because of the greater presence of moisture, to serve as reservoirs of diseases causing microorganisms, and to cause the widespread dissemination of microorganisms in a restroom because of the generation of aerosols during flushing.

Flax ST 2255

This revolutionary new urinal uses no water at all to flush. Tested and proven across the world, the unique Waterless system means no unpleasant smells and requires very little maintenance and cleaning. Urine, which is 96 percent water, flows down the surface of the waterless urinal and drains into the unique Sealtrap cartridge. The cartridge is filled with a special liquid called Allseal which is not only perfumed but acts as a barrier preventing foul air from the drain coming into the washroom.

Standard color is white; available in other colors.




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