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Bio -Tabs
Bio-Tabs are eco-friendly, Hygienic, cost saving and no need to flush with water!

Easy to Install-

Simply place the bottom end of the Bio-Tabs against the centre of urinal drain.

Note: - Start with a clean urinal bowl and free from drain chokages.


For Automatic Sensor And Manual Flushing Urinals-

Shut out water connecting to the urinal that will save water up to 100%


Daily Maintenance-

Spray Bio-Plus Waterless Urinal Cleaner/Odor Eliminator (read-to-use) on urinal surface, Bio-Tabs and floor area underneath the urinals at least once to twice daily and before or after each cleaning. (For refill: Dilute 1 part Bio-Plus Concentrate to 20parts water/25ml sachet to 500ml water in a bottle sprayer).


For Slow-Flowing Urinal-

Pour one 25ml sachet with minimum 1 lit. preferably warm water directly into urinal drain pipe and leave overnight.


Bio-Tab Features

Environmentally friendly Bio-Enzymatic action:

Bio-Tabs is formulated to dissolve slowly, releasing the Biologically Active ingredients and a refreshing scent, which helps to maintain a clean, fresh-smelling & clog-free urinal.

Problem-causing ammoniac compounds in urine are completely and efficiently broken down by Urea, one of the enzymes produced by Bio-Tabs.


No Capital Outlay:

Simply convert the existing conventional flushing urinal into waterless urinal system by shutting off the water without flush at on cost.


Clean & Pleasant Smelling:

Bio-Tabs perform as toilet deodorizer and drain maintainer, savings on installation for air fresheners, sanitizers and chemical products.

Example: 5 urinals with waterless Bio-Tabs is like having 5 units air fresheners and sanitizers


No Polluting Chemicals:

Bio-Tabs and Bio-Plus use bio-enzymatic cleaning action that speedily solve a wide range of problems caused by organic waste. The natural process results in cleaner, fresh-smelling toilet and free flowing drain lines. It also reduces dramatically the pollutant load of toilet effluent's waterway.

Eliminates the use of chemical products, floor cleaners and air fresheners thus resulting in cost saving.



Each Bio-Tabs is good for 4,000 user/cycles without flush, which last at least 15 to 20 months for most usages.

The volume of water saved from not having to flush will far exceed the cost of waterless Bio-Tabs Urinal Deodorizer and Bio - Plus waterless Urinal Cleaner/Drain Maintainer.