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How does waterfree urinal work?

The Falcon Waterfree urinal involves vitreous china or stainless steel fixture and a patented, replaceable cartridge that is installed at the bottom of the urinal into a fitting that is connected to a drainpipe. Installation is simple and typically takes less time than for a flush urinal with valve assembly.


The cartridge is shaped to act as a funnel. The combination of non-stick, non-porous materials of construction and the funnel-shape of the cartridge ensure all urine passes into the cartridge and through a unique sealant liquid that floats on top of the liquid beneath it. This pleasant smelling sealant liquid provides an airtight barrier between urine and the restroom to prevent odors from escaping the drain, but allows urine to pass through because it is lighter than water. Urine immediately penetrates the sealant liquid and flows to the drain. Uric sediment is collected by the cartridge, leaving an odor-free environment, clean pipes and absolutely no water waste. The cartridge also features a sealing ring to provide an airtight barrier between the cartridge and the housing. The only maintenance required is routine cleaning of the fixture and an easy change of the cartridge, performed approximately three to four times per year.

Photos illustrate how liquid sealant floats on urine...

...and how urine passes through it, becoming...

...securely trapped and isolated from the restroom environment.